Published Books

Livre FDI

Foreign Direct Investment and Economic Development in Africa

Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2018

(With Gaston GOHOU, Hugues KOUADIO & Janvier NKURUNZIZA)


Stochastic Simulation and Applications in Finance with MATLAB Programmes

Stochastic Simulation and Applications in Finance with MATLAB Programmes

Wiley, 2009
(With Huu Tue Huynh & Van Son Lai)

Simulations Stochastiques et Applications en Finance avec Programmes Matlab

Simulations Stochastiques et Applications en Finance avec Programmes Matlab

Economica, 2006
(With Huu Tue Huynh & Van Son Lai)

Published Papers

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Working Papers and Work in Progress

  1. Michel GENDRON, Van Son LAI & Issouf SOUMARÉ. Economic Capital for Insurers: Insurance Cycle and Catastrophic Risk. Document de recherche, Université Laval, 2015.
  2. Alaa GUIDARA, Jean-Pierre GUEYIÉ, Van Son LAI & Issouf SOUMARÉ. Banks’ Non-Traditional Activities Under Regulatory Changes: Impact on Risk, Performance and Capital Adequacy. Working Paper, Université Laval, 2014.
  3. Van Son LAI, William SODJAHIN & Issouf SOUMARÉ. Firm Cash Holdings, Idiosyncratic Risk and Analyst Coverage.
  4. Issouf SOUMARÉ & Tan WANG (UBC). International Risk Sharing, Investment Restrictions and Asset Prices.
  5. Issouf SOUMARÉ & Longkai ZHAO (Peking U.). Heterogeneous Risk Aversion with Demographic Changes and Equilibrium Prices.
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  7. PhD thesis: “Three Essays on Investments and Incentives: An Application to Pension Plans”. Faculty of Graduate Studies, The University of British, 2004. PhD committee members: Dr. Tan Wang (supervisor), Dr. Ron Giammarino (co-supervisor), Dr. Murray Frank, Dr. Rob Heinkel, Dr. Alan Kraus, Dr. Domenico Cuoco (Wharton, external examiner), & Dr. Patrick Francois & Dr. Ralph Winter (University Examiners).